The Strange Case of the Bodies in the Docks


Create Interactive Fiction

Here at TextGameCreator you can build online interactive fiction titles with our easy to use gamebook designer. This project is for fun and not for profit. Currently we are in open Beta, so why not come along for the ride...

Lots of Features

  • Gamebook Covers
  • Display Prefaces & Other Information
  • Multiple Characters
  • Configurable Character Attributes & Skills
  • Combat System
  • Music/Audio
  • Multiple Items such as Weapons & Consumables
  • Interactive Actions with Dice Rolls
  • Settable Variables & Variable Testing
  • Simple to use Editor that allows Illustrations
  • Resumable games for Registered Members
  • And More!


You will be able to share and host your gamebooks right here on our site. Our gamebooks do not require an app, they can simply be read and played in a browser on desktop and mobile devices.

Our gamebooks can be styled to suit your desired look and are kept simple to use and hopefully highly intuitive.


The gamebook designer helps you build your text based game with a simple clean interface and a wide range of easy to use features and tools.

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