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The Strange Case of the Bodies in the Docks


This is a story out of time, yet set in the “real” world of Earth in the 1920s. It is a dark and sinister tale of betrayals and strange goings-on. You are a young man or woman, fresh from the rigours of the First World War, trying to find your feet in a world of lost innocence, where the halcyon days of youth are a distant memory; and you are shocked and disgusted by how low the world around you sank into depravity. Yet there are things happening which you cannot explain. How could man alone have been responsible for such carnage and senseless slaughter? Perhaps there is something else behind this mass murder.

You are also aware that science and technology are advancing at a rapid rate, and that man is discovering much about the present that sheds new light onto the past. Some of these discoveries are made public, yet you are sure many are hidden away from the common man – though for what purpose you are unsure.

At the start of this adventure, you are living somewhere in Great Britain, not too far from a main-line railway. To discover your recent past, you must first decide upon your occupation. Are you an honest doctor, put upon and sickened by the war? Or are you a Detective, always on the lookout for some easy money? Or will you choose to be a Gangster, who, having already made your money, is intrigued by what is happening around you? Or perhaps you are a Reporter looking for a juicy story? Think carefully, for your choice of occupation will determine much about what happens during the course of this adventure.