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Designer - Groups
« on: September 07, 2021, 07:07:19 AM »
Group Vulnerabilities are there to make an opponent more susceptible to certain types of weapon.

So taking the classic example of a Werewolf not liking Silver...

Select the Groups tab and use the form at the bottom to enter a new group.

Group Name: Your name for this group - will appear where needed in the Designer.

Adjustment: A percentage to increase damage. So here I have entered 100% to double the damage.

Note that you can edit a group by clicking on the corresponding gear cog on the left. To delete the group click the red cross.

To make this have some effect in the game we need to alter a setting for the NPC. Referring back to the context tab for the NPC (I have made a Werewolf NPC for this example). You can see that the group we made appears in the Group Vulnerability drop down list. Selecting Silver Weapons will now make this NPC receive more damage (100% in this case) if the player is using a weapon that is silver. More on that below.

We also need to make sure that we identify weapons that will be within the Silver Weapons group. I have already created a Silver Dagger Thing - see Weapon Creation if needed.

There's a lot of options for Things - in this case we just want to join a weapon to our group. We just need to adjust the Group dropdown and select Silver Weapons. Now when the player uses this weapon against Werewolves they will inflict double damage (100% as we set it above).

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