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Designer - Settings
« on: September 07, 2021, 09:22:51 AM »
The Settings tab in the designer has a few, you've guessed it, settings for the game.

Game Name: The name that will be used for your game on site and in game. Editable.

Status: Can be Development, Beta or Published. Gamebooks in development status will be hidden from the main site, private to you, while you are working on your game. Beta status will show your game on site and people will be able to play your game to test it, it will have a Beta graphic to indicate this. And Published status is when you are all done and the game is released. You can continue to edit your game under any status.

Start: The page where you want your game to begin. After the player has gone through the introduction and character creation this is where they will begin.

Cap Attributes: If you want attributes to not go over their starting values then tick this box. Otherwise unticked, then attributes can go beyond the character's starting values.

Cap Skills: Same as attributes. Skills can be improved so it probably makes most sense to leave the cap off on skills. It's all up to you and your gamebook.

Currency: I have set up a few basic currencies to be used in games. Coins are the base currency, all other currencies are based on the coin cost.

     Coins: The base currency - everything in game will be show in coins 1:1
     Credits: Costs will be shown in Credits and are 1:1 with Coins
     £sd: Old money - one penny (d) is equal to one coin. Pounds and Shillings are calculated appropriately.
     £p: New money - one penny (p) is equal to one coin. 100 pennies is equal to £1 (one Pound).
     $c: Dollars - one cent (c) is equal to one coin. 100 cents is equal to $1 (one Dollar).
     gs: Gold & Silver - one silver (s) is equal to one coin. 100 silver is equal to 1 Gold.

So, when you want to apply a cost to a Thing you need to use the base currency coins. This currency selection option will simply convert the cost from coins into whatever currency you choose to display in the game. The tricky one is £sd!

Opening Music: Accepts a URL to your own external audio MP3 file. Please abide by copyright laws. The music will be played over the start of the game and character creation. It will then be faded out (if not already finished) when they reach the first page of the game.

Delete Game: Trigger a pop up that can be used to specify and delete this game.

Dice: You can change the colour of the dice used in your game with the sliders provided.
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